Pillza Pillow Warranty

Thanks for choosing the Pillza pillow to provide support for your body for every night. We are committed to offering a premium product that is made to last and to be enjoyed by you for many sleeps to come, aiming to help both your comfort and health. If you encounter any damage to the product when it arrives to your home, our warranty ensures that you will get that pillow replaced with one in perfect conditions or repair it. This warranty is only limited to the person who originally buys the pillow and can’t be transferred to third parties. Pillza takes no other responsibilities beyond this and this is the only warranty offered. 

This limited warranty lasts for 1 year from the date the pillow was bought and is valid only if the person who purchased it had intended to use it for personal consume. It also does not apply if the pillow that has been damaged was sold, even if it was originally new. To make the warranty claim, you are required to provide a proof of purchase that shows the date when the order was placed, the warranty document and the law tag that you can find on the pillow. You are required to keep the aforementioned documents for the whole 1 year period of warranty should you ever wish to make a claim. The warranty applies to the pillow and its cover and can’t be extended to any other accessories that have been associated with this product.

When it comes to normal use, this warranty refers to materials cracking or splitting while using it to sleep. In circumstances in which we can determine that the pillow has received damage due to abuse or negligence, it will be necessary to decide if there are any tears, stains, odors, footprints, burns, cuts, rodents, damage by insects, liquids, blood, bodily fluids and other fluids, damage from weather or sun exposure. Depending on the conditions, we may refuse to inspect the products and may deny warranty coverage. The Pillza pillow must always be used with the cover on or the warranty will be automatically be deemed as void. 

If the damage has been deemed reasonable, the purchaser will not be charged for any repair or replacement as long as it’s within the 1 year of purchase. The warranty for repaired and replaced pillows starts from the date of the original order and not from the day it has been replaced. PILLZA IS NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGES THAT ARISE OUTSIDE OF THIS WARRANTY. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact details provided in the contact section of the website www.pillza.com. Once again, thank you for choosing Pillza as your pillow and we hope that you’ll keep enjoying this product for many years to come!