Dream Better, Live Happier

Meet The Pillza Pillow

Combining an ergonomic design to provide you support all night long with three curves for comfort and total relax, we offer you the ultimate memory foam pillow. We focused on innovation and expertise in product design to deliver something that helps you feel more comfortable at night and encourages a better night's sleep, say goodbye to lack of sleep and hello to feeling well-rested and waking up full of energy.

The Pillow Of Your Dreams

We rigorously tested our pillow to provide you a product that combines softness in material with an innovative three curve design.

Three Curves Design

  1. The first is the curve meant to offer a comfortable position with the aim of helping you relax.
  2. The second curve is the stable sleeping position curve, which makes sure that even if you move around when sleeping, your head can feel supported at every side.
  3. The third curve is the curve that keeps your head and neck elevated and not as low down as with other traditional pillows.

An Effective Solution

We’ve paid attention to every detail in the production of the Pillza pillow, to make sure that the final product is one that is bound to revolutionize the way you sleep for the better.

Hypoallergenic Fabric

The pillowcase is detachable and is made of a type of fabric that is both soft and can be used even with the most sensitive skin.

Memory Foam

Guaranteed good absorption of pressure effect, significantly improving the quality of your sleep.


The three curves design ensures that your head, neck and shoulders always feel supported, all night long and in any position you decide to fall asleep.


Standard: 50 x 30 x 10 cm / 20 x 12 x 4 in

Get the perfect pillow for you today and change the way you sleep forever, allowing yourself to comfortably dream undisturbed all-night-long.